Our Concept

Body Blueprint Fitness was created for serious individuals who want to the reach their SMART goals. We will guarantee any individual the best opportunity to improve their performance in all areas in life. BBF will educate you and help you draw and design a true blueprint to help create that master piece. We have programs that fit into everyone's busy schedule. In today's world everyone is running around trying to fit “exercise” in. Body Blueprint Fitness programs will help you do that and more. Our MVP sports training programs will allow athletes to raise the bar in performance and maintain it. Body Blueprint Fitness will help you achieve this by instilling discipline, integrity, and character.
Body Blueprint Fitness Programs

Body Blueprint Fitness provides the highest quality of sports training. It doesn't matter if you're in High School, College, a professional athlete, recreational player, or an up and coming young athlete. BBF offers an unprecedented level of dedication, intensity, character, leadership, confidence, energy, passion and vision. We will help you develop the attributes neccessary to be successful in your sport.

The Body Blueprint Fitness Nutrition Program will also help get you closer to completing your masterpiece. Whether it is for sports or just healthy lifestyle. BBF will provide you a consultation with our nutritionist to teach you how to eat, use your food journal and substitute regular food with power food.

Through any of our programs, we will guide you in the transformation of your life. Through teamwork, discipline, diversity, and preparation, Body Blueprint Fitness provides superior training.



Chris Rowan
Founder • Performance Enhancement Specialist •
Fitness Professional
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